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Spring through Fall:  Competitive rowing on the Potomac River, March - November

Winter:  Land workouts at Georgetown University,  December - February/March



Two coaches each day provide instruction for erging, weights and body circuits, and rowers are welcome in spinning, yoga & pilates classes - or just to swim!  The 5 weekday morning a week winter program, 6 to 7:15 am, is located at Yates Field House at Georgetown University and runs for about 12 to 16 weeks from December through early/late March, depending on when we are back on the water again after spring floods. 

Participation in Rock Creek's winter training does not guarantee membership for seasonal water practices spring through fall, but sure gets you in better shape to start the spring rowing season.


Rock Creek Rowing is a competitive rowing program for experienced men and women rowers aged 30 and above, and is oriented toward achieving success in competitive racing, both locally and beyond, in a supportive and collegial team environment.  Participants should have a good base of aerobic fitness, a solid understanding of rowing technique, prior competitive experience, and be prepared to make a serious commitment to training, ongoing improvement, and competitive success.  In addition, Rock Creek Rowing is a volunteer organization that depends on its members to participate in a variety of roles and responsibilities that support the club’s competitive rowing program, and expects enthusiastic participation in the program's various committees and other off-water volunteer activities.


As currently constituted, the program can accommodate approximately twenty-five men and twenty-five women, not including coxswains.  Given the program's competitive goals and the limited number of roster slots available, acceptance into the program is a selective, annual process.  Acceptance for membership requires the coach’s approval, and is based on the coach’s evaluation of skill level and compatibility with the mission and goals of the program.  Final decisions will be made in conjunction with the team captains.  Acceptance is based on various criteria that may include, without limitation, consideration of prior experience, technical ability, erg scores, sportsmanship, and overall ability to contribute to the success of the team both on and off the water. 


Rowers accepted into the program must pay all required fees in a timely fashion and execute the USRowing waiver.  Rowers are expected to practice regularly and make themselves available to participate in at least two regattas per year.  To the extent reasonably feasible, any regularly participating rower who expresses an interest in rowing in a local regatta will be given an opportunity to do so.  The team also expects to compete in certain national or international regattas.  Selection of boats and rowers for such events is a competitive process designed to identify the best available lineups with the best chance to win races.  Any rower who is scheduled to compete in a regatta must satisfy the coach’s requirements for pre-regatta practice attendance and technical preparation.


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